Severe leash reactivity blind dog.

How to teach a Puppy a Place and Sit command, then a Release command.

Dog trainers MUST show their work. How is the public to determine if they can actually provide evidence of their results?

We are balanced trainers and provide "Live" footage almost daily on our social media platforms. Every Board & Train Client receives a "Go Home Video". We take about 20 to 50 hours of footage and compress it to 15 minutes to show the client how we

achieved the results we did. You can view all of these videos on our YouTube Channel. We have provided a few below that consist

of a severe resource guarding golden retriever, a severely aggressive shelter dog named Atlas, a labardoodle that bit the family's child to just name a few. Also provided are videos of what to expect when coming to any of our training programs.

Severe crate anxiety, went through sheet

rock. Go home session how to video.

Please see the update on Atlas on our Testimonials. And Yes, he has been adopted:)

Puppy Recall

Severe leash reactivity, dog aggression. Human bites.

Positive only training failed many times.

Fear aggressive dog rehabbed. Bit many

over fear. Go home how to video.

How to teach a Puppy a Come command.

Snarling Collie

Severe dog aggressive dog rehabbed.

Biting child rehab and training.

Severe resource guarding golden retriever, with owners expecting child.

Science-Backed Approach Delivering

Real World Results