"Hi! I am a volunteer at Common Sense for Animals and wanted to say thank you for taking some of the dogs to your facility to help them become more adoptable! I absolutely love all of the dogs at CSA and think it is so wonderful that you are doing this for them. I remember watching Atlas spinning around and around in his kennel. Now I see pictures of him playing in the sunshine with other dogs! It makes me so happy!.........."

-Shelter Volunteer

"....collar came today. It fits him much better. I got a medium. He's doing so good with all the commands. He's even been sitting patiently when we walk and stop. I hope he will do down on the concrete. I can't wait to show him off to you. I'm so glad I decided to bring him to you."


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"Three months ago two of my female dogs became very aggressive toward each other. Their aggression came to a head with a vicious fight that ended with both dogs needing to visit the vet. For the next several months we modified our home and lifestyle to make sure the two dogs never interacted. Recently, an acquaintance suggested reaching out to A Furry Tail Come True for help with possible training techniques or behavior modification. After filling out a quick but detailed form online, Anthony was in connect. We discussed the issues via email and through videos of the dogs. An appointment was set the same day! Anthony came out to my house and handled the initial fight that broke out between the dogs so calmly and with true professionalism. By the end of the hour the dogs were spending time together for the first time in months. We purchased an e collar for training purposes as suggested by Anthony. He hand delivered it and spent over an hour making sure I understood how to use it properly. Since then the dogs are making huge improvements, they are able to spend lots of time together and I rarely need to use the correction collar at all. Anthony continues to check in regularly via email to make sure everything is going well. I feel confident if I had a problem or further questions he would be available to help. I am beyond thrilled and amazed at the ability Anthony had with diagnosis in the problems and training my dog to behave better. I would recommend Anthony's training abilities and A Furry Tail Come True to anyone looking for anything from basic training to intense behavior modification. "

- Elizabeth B