Boarding & Daycare​​SERVICES

If your scheduling needs do not fit our group classes and you would like to be active in training your dog in a private setting, then these programs would be for you. Keep in mind, just like group classes, there is homework for you during the week to help train your dog for the following session.

$675-875, 6 and 8-Session Programs

These classes are for puppies or dogs looking for basic obedience and some

advanced agility course work. Some minor

behavior modifications such as nipping,

jumping, digging, and barking will be addressed.

$220-250, 3 and 5-Week Courses

$500-800, 4-Week Courses


Dog Training Classes & Services

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These classes are for owners looking to have more off leash freedom with their dogs. Furthermore, we work on distant

commands via remote collar. We also address minor behavior issues such as nipping, jumping, digging, anxiety, fear,

barking, and minor leash aggression.

          1-Week - $1100     2-Week -$2600,

3-Week - $3600

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Board and Train length varies on the reasons why your are choosing this type of training. During our board and train programs your dog will learn Place, Sit, Down, Come, Thresholds, Crate, Leave It, and Heel. Our 2 week and 3 week programs include a Mini-Educator.

The 1 week ​board & train is for a REFRESHER program ONLY OR ​for a great jump start program of your dog learning the Place command and how to properly walk on a leash. The remote collar is NOT included and MUST be purchased separately.

The 2 week & 3 week programs are for basic training and behavior issues. It depends on the needs of the dog, but a good rule of thumb is that human and/or dog aggression issues would be addressed in a MINIMUM of our 3 week program.

Our most popular board & train program for basic remote collar training is our 2 week program.

Payment is due once your dog is accepted into the program.

On pick up, plan on spending 2 to 3 hours at our facility going over all the commands and modifications.

Our 2 week and 3 week program also includes 1 complimentary group class by the same dog in the program.

We also have 5 and 6 week programs for dogs that have the worst state of minds.