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Anthony's TENS Unit a.k.a same technology that is in Remote Collars


Remote Collar Class Advanced- $500 

Remote collar communication is a way to communicate with your dog from distances of 1/2 mile all the way up to 9 miles, depending on the model and reasoning for using the tool. Anthony discovered that the technology in the remote collar is the SAME EXACT technology in the TENS unit, that he uses on his back, since he had back surgery in 2015.

The remote collar training tool is very humane. Just think about it, Anthony, and many others out there already place remote collars on themselves (TENS unit devices), some even have spinal cord stimulators installed in their back, like Anthony's mother, Rose Ann, does. 

It's a very fun class, private sessions, or board & train program when we are working with this tool. However, keep in mind their is an agenda out there to remove remote collar use, remove tools all together, from training your dog. Soon this positive only movement will demand that saddles CANNOT be worn on horses due to the "discomfort" it causes the horse when a human sits on them. That is how crazy this world is becoming. But do not fall for the back yard know it all non sense person. Keep it to the professionals like us.

What is Remote Collar Communication???

*Prerequisite is Remote Collar Basics
We will learn all commands from a distance from up to 1/2 a way on our 11 acre fenced in facility. We will be proofing all the commands and making sure you and your dog are up for a challenge to EARN this passing certificate.

Remote Collar Class Basics - $800 INCLUDES Mini-Educator

***Must have PASSED OUR Basic Obedience 1 Group Class OR our Board & Train Program

These sessions are used to work on basic obedience cues along with remote collar.  

We can work on getting your dog to walk well on a leash to behavior modification

such as nipping and counter surfing. 

You will get results but keep in mind the time frame and the homework that you will to

do to keep the results going forward.

​Payment is due on or by the 1st class.
No Refunds after 1st class.